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Litigation & Arbitration

Disputes inevitably accompany the business activity in the inconsistently regulated and highly controversial Moldovan legal environment. However, we believe that every effort shall be made to prevent proliferation of conflict situations so that scarce company's resources would be allocated for the other, more constructive, purposes. Whenever these efforts do not bring result, we employ a tough-minded, result-driven approach to the assessment and conduct of litigation cases on behalf of our clients, in order to achieve the desired commercial outcome with minimum business disruption and cost. That is why, we hope, our lawyers succeed to deliver results for our clients.

Our lawyers are highly noticeable in courts of all levels, from the lower courts to the High Court of Justice, and are appreciated by peers and judiciary for comprehensive and well-judged pleadings. Solid knowledge of dispute resolution intricacies augmented with rich practical experience allow our litigators to find the beating argument and turn the scale on our side.

We have represented foreign and local businesses, financial institutions, government agencies and individuals in a broad range of complex cases, including civil, commercial, corporate, real estate, securities, labour, tax and administrative issues, enforcement of domestic and foreign judgments and arbitral awards, etc. Our practitioners helped foreign suppliers to collect the debts, lessors to recover the goods and damages from private and state-owned enterprises, lenders to enforce the security rights, co-owners to exercise the preemption rights, secured and unsecured creditors to protect their rights within court insolvency proceeding. We assisted securities issuers to cancel the public watchdog's decisions, market operators to defend themselves against competition authority allegations, importers and exporters to defend their rights against the customs authorities, tax-payers to challenge the fiscal bodies sanctions, companies to reverse registration chamber's resolutions.

In corporate disputes, our lawyers have acted on behalf of the majority and minority shareholders, executives, employees and other stakeholders. We handled the court dissolution cases, as well as insolvency cases, serving as creditors' committee members and supervising the activity of bankruptcy administrators.

In commercial litigation we have assisted clients in virtually every industry and all areas of commercial interest, in matters related to loans, corporate guarantees, insurance, sale (including international), rent and leasing, acquisition-related issues, assignments and set-offs, privatization procedures and post-privatization issues, construction and real estate, etc.

Our services

  • Corporate litigation and shareholder law suits
  • Commercial and contractual disputes
  • Collection of receivables
  • Insolvency, bankruptcy and court dissolution
  • Real estate and other property disputes
  • Competition litigation
  • Construction and engineering disputes
  • Employment litigation
  • Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Tax litigation
  • Administrative contentious
  • International commercial arbitration
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments.
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